Everything is Energy Hosts Reveal Deeply Personal News

by Paul on October 1, 2010

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Hi Success Fans,

What happened?
Has the Everything is Energy podcast lost it’s energy?

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I have shared and recommended programs from Everything is Energy hosts David and Kristin Morelli in the past so I felt compelled to share this email message and video with you from the Morelli’s themselves where they reveal deeply personal news.

See David And Kristin’s Video Message Below

Here is the actual email that I received from the Morelli’s…..

“We are going through big changes in our lives,
> and because you feel like family, we recorded a
> video to give you an update on this deeply personal event>.
> Sharing this news with you is about as fun as
> getting a root canal :), but you trusting us is
> our priority.
> What will happen? Even we aren’t sure…”

I read the email message and then I clicked on a link to watch the YouTube video message from the Morelli’s in disbelief.

As watched their video message I asked myself why couples who publicly seem to flaunt their love for one another the most often seem to split up the fastest.

Kristin Morelli in the past always seemed to admire David as she gazed at him with dreamy eyes…but in this video her dreamy eyes seem to have turned to daggers.

The Morelli’s speak of the need to be authentic, honest and trustworty to their many fans and followers on the internet.

In the video below David mentions that his personal history got triggered and they both speak of a need for space and how painful “disentangling their business and lives have been in recent months.

But the video will leave you with more questions than answers.

As a professional counselor my question has always been.

“What Happened?”

There is always a major event that precipitates a breakup and we will probably never know what that event was.

Usually the precipitating event has something to do with infidelity or loss of trust in one’s partner.

The cynical side of me fears that the Morelli’s separation may be an internet marketing ploy to launch a new program on healing relationships or saving your marriage or getting your ex back.

I hope that I am wrong about this but internet guru’s have made millions on these topics in the past.

Look at John Gray and his Women are From Venus and Men are from Mars series of books and seminars that have spawned an entire industry.

David has mentioned that his mentor is none other than Gay Hendricks a prolific self help author who just happens to write about healing relationships.

How to get your ex back guides happen to be some of the best sellers at Clickbank.com

Sorry I am so skeptical.

I know that I will anger a lot of adoring Everything is Energy fans with this post but speaking of energy… something does not feel right when I watch the Morelli’s video.

I definitely lose energy while I am watching it.

It makes me wonder if the Everything is Energy show will have the same energy while being conducted separately by either David or Kristin.

Everything is Energy may lose its synergy or energy.

Please comment to let me know what you think?

Are the Morelli’s being genuine…will they get back together after their separation…stay tuned…

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