How To Eat Less Food – Without Feeling Hungry

by Paul on January 12, 2010

in Health Success

I recently heard one of my favorite online guru’s Burt Goldman say that when people are trying to lose weight they ask themselves the wrong question….they ask “how can I lose weight?.”

The question to ask yourself is not “how do I lose weight” the question is “how can I eat less food.”

I decided to ask myself this question on a daily basis and lo and behold I noticed Dr. Oz on my television talking about “how to eat less food and feel less hungry.”

I could not believe what I was hearing….

As Tony Robbins says…when you ask empowering questions you really will get better results.

Your mind will lead you to information to help you to eat less food.

Here are several tips that Dr. Oz gave for ways to eat less….

Eat a handful of nuts at about 11:30 a.m or half an hour before your lunch to decrease your hunger.

Before a large meal eat a slice of whole wheat bread dipped in some extra virgin olive oil thirty minutes before your meal.

Try it! This really will make you feel full and as a result you will eat less food.

About a week after I started the bread and olive oil routine my wife Trisha came home with some “FullBars ” that she bought at our local grocery store here in San Antonio, Texas.

But if your store does not carry them you can get them online by clicking on the following link FullBar Weight Loss Bars Cocoa Chip Pak Twelve bars

Full Bars were invented by a weight loss surgeon and they are to be eaten 30 minutes minutes before a meal with 8 oz of water.

The main ingredient of Fullbars is puffed rice but it is mixed with semi sweet chocolate and honey and it tastes pretty good.

Yes, The Fullbars really do make you feel full.

Of course along with eating less food you also need to exercise more often.

The best tool that I have found for this is the TRX Suspension Trainer.

The TRX Suspension Trainer will allow you to workout at home or anywhere and is used by top pro athletes like Drew Brees of the NFL, Carmello Anthony of the NBA and George St. Pierre of the MMA.

Learn how to get fast, effective, total-body workouts with TRX Suspension Training at

To Your Success,
Paul A. Shope

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