Is Abraham-Hicks For Real?

by Paul on March 25, 2008

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Several readers have emailed us at to sing the praises of Abraham-Hicks.

I really did not know a lot about Abraham-Hicks so I visited their web site, and their You Tube channel and read comments about them on various blogs.

In short Esther Hicks claims to possess the ability to channel a group of spirit entities who reveal great truths about the universe through Esther.

These spirit entities are called Abraham. 

Esther Hicks is able to Channel Abraham at will in front of a live audience.

This makes for some pretty good entertainment whether you believe in Abraham or not.

I was surprised to learn that Esther Hicks was featured in the original version of “The Secret” movie.

There is the original The Secret Movie and The Secret (Extended Edition)

Due to some contractual disagreements Esther Hicks was excluded from The Original Secret Film and a new one was released.

Esther Hicks and her husband Jerry Hicks have authored many audio tapes; CDs and books over the last twenty years to include:
Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires and
The Astonishing Power of Emotions

Recently I listened to the Esther Hicks audio recording of
The Law of Attraction CD Collection

The Law of Attraction audio recording is a recording of observations that Abraham has made regarding the topic of the Law of Attraction.

Having read over 100 Law of Attraction Prosperity type books myself I must admit that I am impressed by Abraham’s or Jerry and Esther’s knowledge of the topic.

The entities known as Abraham do express themselves well.

However, what really amazes me is that I did not read one negative comment regarding Abraham-Hicks anywhere.

Everyone and every thing gets criticized at one time or another yet Abraham-Hicks garner no negative comments or skepticism at all at lease as far as I can see.

Anyway, I dont know if Abraham-Hicks will help you discover the Law of Attaction or not but what if they do?

Please check out the video below to see Esther Hicks channeling the spirit entity known as Abraham to reveal to you The Law of Attraction.

After you check out the video please let us know what you think….Is Abraham Real?

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Greta May 16, 2008 at 10:09 am

Paul, you haven’t looked very hard if you are having difficulty finding any negative criticism as there is plenty out there.

Shortly after The Secret was released in Australia, an article was printed in its national paper about the Hicks’ demand for a percentage of the royalties and distribution rights for that movie. The author of that movie did not succumb to their demands and cut them out. It wasn’t at their request as they have often cited but the other way around. They then claimed that the author ‘stole’ their idea of Abraham from them.

Furthermore, the ‘teachings’ of Abraham are not new and if anyone finds Esther’s ‘channelling’ to be bonafide then they need to get out more. This sort of carry on started in carnival sideshows. People bought it back then and they buy it now. Although Esther should find herself a vocal coach so she can maintain her European accent that she starts off with then kinda forgets part way through her act. Sorry, her ‘channelling’.

Esther and Jerry are on a killing spree with regards to making money. They are raking it in and more power to them – they certainly know how weak their audience is.

But please, don’t try and pass it off as being genuine because it’s not. It’s entertainment and a kind that some people most desperately need.

Paul June 6, 2008 at 11:28 am

Greta- Thanks for your wonderful comments. I was aware of Abraham-Hicks being cut from The Secret.
I did search many self help blogs and I perused the comments on video sites but did not find any negative comments.

They may have been edited out.
Your point is well taken though.

I kind of wondered about Esther’s english accent trailing off as well. I am leaning towards not believing that Esther is channeling spirits. Esther Hicks appears rather to be using early law of attraction material from Judge Troward, Napoleon Hill, Robert Collier, Emerson, Wallace Wattles, James Allen and others. You are right though this is all very entertaining and may help people as well.

I actually hope that Abraham is for real…that would be really cool!

Paul A. Shope

Edward Ayres November 25, 2008 at 4:19 pm

This is such nonsense. First, why would they call themselves Abraham? Wasn’t that name taken already? Why a group of non-physical beings decide to pass their message through her instead of some world-wide recognized spiritual leader? Moreover, why would they allow their material to be copyrighted and turned into for-profit seminars? Abraham must have good non-physical lawyers too. Like most spiritual scams it contains seeds of good information taken from spiritual beliefs of the ages, then mixes it in with some contemporary yearning for answers.

John Soriano December 7, 2008 at 8:58 pm

What a farce! Funny thing..the more people world wide that are deluded by this garbage, the worse the world wide economy gets…interesting, huh?

Alan December 27, 2008 at 6:47 pm

My take, after listening to quite a few CD’s from “them”, is that the information is generally good, but, as pointed out by Greta, not new. Further, the notion that our emotional guidance system will always be true to our purpose presupposes that our egos know what’s good for us, but our egos simply don’t, and it’s our egos that often drive our emotions. I like much of the material, and decided early on that it’s simply good information culled together, and it’s that which makes it useful. When Abraham-Hicks goes on about how we’re destined to keep returning over and over to material form because that’s our hearts desire, they lose me, but I’ve somewhat learned to separate useful from non-useful information. The only mystery to me is whether or not they really believe that she channels the information from another group of entities, or if it’s an intentional deception. Either way I think it’s important not to throw the baby out with the bath-water. The baby, in this case, is the law of attraction, which is real, while the bath-water is the channeler.

Rhonda February 4, 2009 at 12:31 pm

I have read both good and bad comments on this a topic and here’s what I feel. Though I agree it is nothing new except for the packaging and marketing plan, It can be very helpful for those wishing to change their perspective. Positive thoughts are wonderful and much needed in today’s society. To Change ones perspective on life from a negative one to a more positive one can change personal state of affairs.I agree don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater!

Joe Cordoba February 19, 2009 at 7:06 am

I recall in Napoleon Hill’s “think and Grow Rich” where he spelled out his secret …where he got his inside information that lead to his phenomenal success. He imagined a room where disincarnate beings would come and sit around a table and discuss his problems and offer him advice.
He said it started out as just visualizing great thinkers of the past but after awhile the beings came to life and became so disturbingly real that he had to stop these “board meetings” for awhile.

So John, would you also describe Mr Hill in such terms as… “farce” and “deluded by this garbage”?

Hill charged handsomely for his services. He was advised by spirits and we read and followed their advice. And so did W. Clement Stone and Jack Canfield and Bob Proctor and the rest of the Law of Attraction teachers. And seldom is heard a negative word about this curious little man “Napoleon Hill”.

I am not certain what to make of Abraham-Hicks. But I will tell you this much. Those teachings have got me thinking in positive terms about my life and this world and helped me to recover a real sense of optimism in these troubled times. I think I will have to judge these teachings by their affect on me rather than by their appearance. And by that measure I will have to concede , perhaps against my better judgment , that Abraham-Hicks is for real.

jo April 5, 2009 at 10:14 am

Abraham is to some people as God is to others.

Barbara May 24, 2009 at 9:11 pm

I just returned from an Abraham-Hicks workshop in Orlando, Florida. I accepted the idea of Esther channeling a group of non-physical beings and learned a lot from the teachings. And to those who did not accept the esoteric ideology, I would say, “It’s not about the messenger, it’s about the message.”

But something happened at the workshop which shocked me. A man was selected to be the first to sit in the hot seat. He began by saying he had been chosen to ask a question on 9 different occasions . . . and that he was always first. “Abraham” then said, “We are done with you,” as Esther motioned for the man to return to his seat. The man begged to be allowed to ask his one question. Esther continued to motion him back to his seat. This went on for several interactions until the man finally acquiesced.

I have been thinking about this experience for a full day now. I felt deeply sorry for the man, for how embarrassed he must have felt. And then I thought about “Abraham” and wondered, where is the love? Abraham generally ends his sessions with “There is great love here for you,” yet “they” seemed frustrated and unwilling to be supportive. The frustration seems to permeate several of the more recent presentations.

The other observation I experienced at the workshop is how much marketing is involved and how high the prices are for the books, CDs, recordings, and other offerings.

I don’t know if Abraham is real or not. I do know the teachings have given me an improved sense of spirituality, happiness, and knowing. So I will now be telling myself, “It’s not about the messenger, it’s about the message.” Unfortunately, the message at the workshop seems to have been, “We’re here for us, not for you.”

Eric May 25, 2009 at 10:22 pm

I always wondered how Jerry and Esther would sue for copyright infingement. If this is Abraham’s words, he, or they, own the copyright to their words. Jerry and Esther have NO STANDING to sue, the words are that of Abraham.

Would Abraham have to appear in Court to assert his, their claim?

I also echo Edward’s observations.

It seems it is all about GREED on the part of Jerry and Esther.

Michael June 11, 2009 at 11:14 pm

I followed Abraham-Hicks everyday for four years. I spent many dollars and many hours listening to Abe. Then one day I just new that Abraham was just a concept in the mind of Esther and Jerry. It became very clear that there was no Abraham except in concept only. That was over four years ago and I have never looked back. Esther & Jerry are just running a business and leading people to believe that there is something greater than they are and that this group called Abraham has the answer. Save your money, what you seek you already are. Nothing is greater than you are. Esther & Jerry
found an easy way to make money and that is all that is happenng. There is no Abraham and there never was, except in the mind of Hicks.

Blessing Michael

GaryD July 12, 2009 at 2:52 am

I really appreciate the great comments here. I recently purchased “Ask and It Is Given” by Hicks-Abraham – and I have listened to several tapes from their conferences. There seems to be such great wisdom in it, yet.. the whole channeling thing is precarious. Why wasn’t this information presented to all of us “physical beings” thousands of years ago? If we existed prior as non physical beings as they say and made the choice to become physical and live this life, then why did we not retain this info – why do we need to forget it upon arrival? And, why has it just now been so documented (and by Hicks Abraham so monetarily)? Why wasn’t it passed through the ages so that it could be taught to us as we grew from child birth? Seems so ridiculous doesn’t it? If what Abraham Hicks says is true about us, then why or why wasn’t this information directly passed to us all along – and why must we now have to pay to receive it?

angela frank October 31, 2009 at 1:29 am

I was so excited when i began my CD and discovered that this was channeled material….because i didn’t have my reading glasses in the bookstore, i couldn’t read the smaller print.
my excitement didn’t last long, however, when abraham’s russian sounding accent kept fading away and esther’s own “accent” would creep in.
sometimes it was just a word here and there, other times it was several at a time and i wonder what their explanation might be for this.
has anyone ever heard them explain it?
it just takes away from the credibility of the entire message and wa a huge disappointment.
tomorrow, i return my cd ste.
angela, westport ct.

Etha February 9, 2010 at 6:53 pm

Am I the only one who finds the recordings very annoying? the words may have some wisdom in them and are pleasant, but the way it is presented, I feel like somebody is continuously yelling at me for whatever reason. There has got to be a better way or presenting things….

lea June 15, 2010 at 11:53 am

I Think the messages and information is good, and maybe it would be better is she ommitted the channeling part because as you can see people shy away from this fluff……and makes the insights look “mucky” for lack of a better term anyways, if it was for the higher good then the focus would be not on the channeling but on the information. I like her books and info, but the infliction in her voice makes me question whats going on here …makes her non physical entities appear to physical….but as long as it circulates positivity to people especially those in need then so be it …

Mirko June 29, 2010 at 11:22 am

You won’t find much criticism because their sites and youtube account are moderated; only the “how awesome they are” stuff is going through the censorship. But they are a magnet for criticism just like all of their type.

What was interesting for me was to prove their “teachings” – which you could easily find all through “The New Thought” literature every since the very first years of the 20th century; Neville Goddard alone covered everything what the Hicks’s ever said, some in the exact phraseology – through their followers’ accomplishments.

These followers, mainly the hard core of the cult, demonstrate that all they can do is listening endlessly to the recordings and get ecstatic – but nothing more. If you ask them how is the “manifestation process” going, they get irritated because “you’re not ready yet to understand like they do” and so on, but no matter how much you insist, they can’t say they ever “attracted” a mere cup of coffee using the so-called teachings.

So it’s either there is something fundamentally wrong about the teachings or the students are simply too dumb to put them into practice. Whatever it is, the Hicks’s got their millions – but nobody else saw any profit for their own.

As I watched their evolution for quite some time now, I can say that their dogma shifted from “you can be or have whatever you wanna be or have” to “actually you can’t control nothing (sic!), only the way you react to things and you are not quite the creator we told you you were, but you are the creator of you”.

Anyway, the main question of all their apprentices’ remains now, after 25 years of learning “the teachings”, “WHERE IS MY STUFF???”

Kiara July 4, 2010 at 7:51 pm

I have been listening to Abraham for few months and I gotta say in the beginning I was very excited. But for some reason some of the stuff they say just doesn’t click for me. I know that the law of attraction is real because I’ve used it, and most of the things Abraham says I think is true but the way they describe the non physical beings just doesn’t sound right. They make them sound so… Physical like lea says. I mean in general I think they are great- they encourage following your bliss and they’ve helped me get many things clear. However I still prefer the Secret. I just think it’s more fun and positive, and also it’s more scientifical I guess.

pk September 5, 2010 at 4:29 am

First of all, channelling doesn’t necessarily involve a total change of accent, nor a consistent accent. As a few have pointed out, it is the message that is important, and I would suppose that the senders of the message themselves would not care about accents, or accuracy/consistency thereof. Philosophers, poets, actors and other artists speak of ‘channelling’ or something similar — of expressing a message from some other place/entity, of being a vessel or messenger for something apart from them. We generally don’t care about their methods, we just care about their messages, even if they are just a repeat, a rehashing or re-wording of what someone else had said before them. Philosophers’ teachings have often been called ‘footnotes to Plato’, novelists’ and dramatists’ works as mere echoes of Shakespeare, and so on and so forth. Classics are reprinted, old films remade with contemporary language and actors, bibles re-written… etc. And people will spend to for these ‘un-original’ messages, not only because they find them ‘entertaining’ but because they recognize the truth in them and continue to learn in new ways. Rehashing old truths does not make one ‘fake’ or ‘un-original.’ Nothing is original; ‘there is nothing new under the sun.’ But one can be uniquely expressive, and Esther is that. And it works for her.
I am not sure if I would pay to go to one of their seminars. But if I come out of one feeling as or more ecstatic than I feel after watching a concert or opera from a seat that costs the same as a ticket to a Hicks seminar, then maybe it would be worth it.
Their statements about The Secret film and book are a little strange, though. They contradict what they preach about finding relief, positive aspects, about resistance.

Helle J.D September 6, 2010 at 8:31 pm

I really don’t care what other thinks,

I love the words she gives,I have not known her works before this year . Other weise it is Paul Gouldin ,Dare to be Great, my favorit ,for many years, and some others .

But she has the best channel of Entities and also ,dose it not mean that there is more than one,so whats with the voice, think about it, does it matter.Not fore me.

She put it out very elegantly and she gives good answers you can not avoid,and if I dont get it, the answers, then maybe I will later ,or not ,no harme done.Kritik well whatever we do is our own doing anyway, If there is something I dont Like ,why give it any thought at all.The power is all mine to use.

I like her she hit spot on fore me and make me in a good mude at the same time ,is that bad.The best part, I dont need to read all the time.

Paul Gouldin has given me the Ideas on how to do this and that .

Abraham -Ester really makes a connection in the mind stream I like it, and I am a good listner.Love to hear her.

And I can also think fore my self .

And ,If I am pointing one finger at someone, I am pointing tre fingers back at me.So I dont point ,I just move on, if it dose not become me well.

She is an Inspiration to me. I LOVE HER STUFF,and I love my stuff and I love to move stuff. (Thoughts.)
H.D Denmark

Dude September 12, 2010 at 11:06 am

The absolute amazing aspect of Abraham’s “infinite intelligence” is that it apparently didn’t get the memo that Earth is in fact not in “perfect proximity” to other planets. If that is what old Abe believes, then it is infinitely stupid. Perfect proximity would suggest that all of our solar system’s planets traverse symmetrical orbits at constant rates relative to each other and consequently are constantly at an equal distance from one another. However, we know for a fact that this is not true.

An omniscient being is perfect and understands and perceives all things. Unfortunately, Abe doesn’t fall under this category. To say that we taste, touch, smell, or even necessarily see via vibration is in itself a complete misunderstanding of the sensory system. Taste and smell are perceived through chemical stimuli, whereas sight is perceived via the collection of photons, i.e. particles. Yes, light exhibits wave like properties, but it is a complete and utter fallacy to conclude that since sound is a wave and vibrates, then light must also vibrate because it has wave-like properties. Furthermore, Esther (I’m no longer going to entertain Abe as anything but fraud) wants us to believe that because our senses rely on certain stimuli, then we must be made up of that stimuli. Another fallacy.

The real worrisome aspect of the Hicks’ entire philosophy (and I call it philosophy loosely) is that it tells people to release themselves from responsibility for their transgressions against others (because it’s ultimately the victim’s fault for being hurt, not the transgressors); believe yourself infinitely significant in the universe and ask it for what you want, not what you need, and you’ll get it simply because you deserve it for being you (pretentiousness and narcissism at it’s finest); and lastly, albeit rather redundantly, they teach people that focus is the key for everything that happens and it will happen without them doing anything but simply focusing on it (laziness and in some manner a desire for constant control-control leads to conflict).

Not only are these charlatans defrauding their followers, they’re teaching grotesquely unethical and unproductive principles that insight selfishness, negligence, narcissism, and a host of other highly negative traits. There is nothing positive about the Hicks’ or their workshops. I feel very sorry for each and every fool that accepts any of their drivel as truth or possibility.

Stacy January 13, 2011 at 3:20 pm

Accompanying my husband (a faithful devotee of Esther) to a May 2010 Seminar, I had an unusual experience with Esther. My husband likes to sit in the very back row, so I walked up to Jerry and Esther (a long way up the aisle) BEFORE the seminar even started to just say Hello. I have attended only one.
This time, Esther was sitting down (busy counting all her registration forms) and was annoyed that I would walk up and interrupt with a kind and genuine “hi”. She snapped at me saying “can’t you see that I am busy?” I was caught off guard and said “no, actually I didn’t notice”. I continued by informing Jerry that my husband and I were moving near their Texas neighborhood and he just lit up knowing we mite become neighbors. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Esther motion to her security guard to come and interrupt as if I was a groupie. It looked as if even Jerry was embarassed by this. Esther was sitting down, and I was standing up looking down on her. So the tables were reversed and SHE was in the hot seat. I am a professional entertainer and had just been entertaining on that very stage she was on a few weeks prior. She must have sensed my eyes didn’t glaze over by her presence. Her rude reaction to me was quite a turn off.

It is an act, and a very entertaining one that is making quite a bit of money for this Amway- turned Hamway couple. Maybe I can learn a little something from them afterall.

Kyra January 30, 2011 at 2:29 am

Stacy, I love your story. And the longer Esther and Jerry are around, the more i notice others having similar experiences. I wonder how long they can keep the band together…

Balaji February 6, 2011 at 11:25 pm

Some victimhood minds believe what they think as right . Get real and see how those messages affecting your real world.This world could be better with people like Abraham and your silly reactions dont count in the long run . All that is ends with source .

sandra March 14, 2011 at 11:27 am

I have learned over the years and try hard to practice not to judge others, we all have choices to make and i chooose to pray and have faith. i read the bible and ask for guidance and trust in God why would i need to listen to others and spend my money to learn how to live my life their way.I would rather help the elderly if i have money to blow, there are alot of lonely people and i find when i help others my life is alot better. If you dont beleive in God just look at it as good orderly direction. we all know right from wrong and we all know how good it feels when others help us so i will continue to love myself and others and lean on God who i give all the credit for my good life even though i have hard times God will guide me through them, thats just life and it helps me grow and mature . Its none of my business how others choose to life their lives. I strive to keep my back yard clean and let others live how they choose to live.

Kyra May 18, 2011 at 4:44 pm

Hey Paul, thanks for checking out my blog ( Regarding your response to Greta about the lack of negative comments on Abraham-Hicks’ Youtube videos, on one of their recent videos about channeling, I attempted to leave a comment. Abraham had said that Esther’s body goes through an unusual process when she allows Abraham to flow through her. I commented that it would be interesting to test the physical transformation they were discussing, but the comment was not approved. Later, I decided to leave an overly-emphatic praiseworthy comment and it was approved right away. xoxo

Paul May 27, 2011 at 7:25 pm

Kyra , after reading the information at your blog at I am even more convinced that Abraham is just an act. The stuff that Esther says comes straight from old law of attraction books. I also read somewhere that the Hicks got the idea of channeling Abraham from the “Seth” series of books. Thanks to you, now I know why Abraham appears to not get any negative comments. Abraham aka Esther Hicks edits out all the negative comments.

Cassy September 17, 2011 at 11:36 am

I recently stumbled across the Abraham Hicks Teachings and was very excited..I felt like I finally had all the answers…I had finally found the meaning of life for pete’s sake…I was here to encounter ‘contrast’ so that I could help expand the universe…and Abraham was here to teach me that I didn’t have to ‘croak’ before I could reap the rewards of my ‘contrast’…I was high as a kite for a good month…then I started, well, noticing things…little things…that started not sitting well with Abraham’s stance on murder is that ‘all is well’ and that the victim had it comin by way of what was in their vibration..and further…that murder couldn’t be wrong because that would be like saying death was wrong???!!! (I don’t get one said death was wrong…it was that ‘killing’ thingie….oh well)……then in one seminar one woman asked a very good question..she asked wasn’t there anyone ‘up’ there or ‘out’ there who had any compassion for humanity…..This was hot on my i listened to the teachings i got the distinct impression that no one ‘up’ there gave a flyin’ f..we were all getting exactly what we deserved because of our nasty little propensity for observing ‘what is..even if it’s negative’…… I am eagerly awaiting what Abraham had to say to this woman about a compassionate being….well the response was to skirt the question and then go on the well known rant of ‘if bad things happen to someone it’s because they attracted it with their ‘sloppy vibration’..
I felt really sorry for the woman asking because..I’m thinking that if she was asking that question..she was probably going through some pretty rough stuff and lookin for a little love…well..none for her! That is where things really fell apart for me…at the end of every seminar Abraham says ‘there is great love for you here’… where is the love..? Abraham actually teaches AGAINST compassion…preaching ‘save yourself’ when it comes to a friend who’s going through the ruff…basically…create distance from said friend, plug your ears, sing nanananana…and, oh yes…see them as well and fine….
Maybe my problem is that I’m just not willing to take responsibility for my vibration..maybe I’m too damned lazy to follow the Abraham teachings…I’m just too focused on the meat and potatoes of my life and can’t wrap my mind, for very long, around jumping around winning the lottery (in the absence of it) trying to make it come true – without experiencing the lack of it of course because that would be counter-productive. Maybe I want there to be some supreme all loving being that is compassionately loving and guiding me, or at least watching over me from above, while I remain steadfastly physically focused with my vibration slopping all over the place….

maggie anderson February 1, 2012 at 3:02 pm

I was curious, as I do think there is something to the “Law of Attraction” and have experienced
it actually without trying (in the past, things I focused on often came to be, and I considered it coincidence)

I just got from the library the DVD (forget the title, Law of Attraction” something like that by Ester Hicks Channeling and some bland moderator king of guy asking “Abraham” questions. In the beginning, Ester explains how it all happened and she was before all of this a Bookkeeper.

Interesting enough, through “Abraham” HE was supposedly speaking through Ester and comparing something about human behavior to computer software. At one point He brought up “Quicken”….which is an Accounting/Bookkeeping program. I had to wonder, out of ALL the computer software programs out there, odd he brought up a Bookkeeping software, software that Ester would know and be familiar with! After that, I was convinced that “Abraham” is indeed “Ester”….. That along with her husband, years ago, read and was impressed with “Think and Grow Rich” by Napolean Hill….. I think they are merely GROWING RICH ! These people in my opinion are out and out frauds!

Paul February 1, 2012 at 3:37 pm

Maggie that is really funny how Abraham was talking about “Quicken” a program that is probably used by Esther. Another comment on mentioned how Esther sometimes has a fake British accent and other times she forgets to use it. It kind of reminds me of watching a magic act where the magician inadvertently reveals the secrets to the audience. There are videos on youtube that debunk certain
supposed psychics like Uri Geller. One video shows Geller peeking at a note that a woman wrote while he was supposed to be blind folded.
Another video shows how in a spoon bending exercise he chose a rigged spoon to bend that he had placed there beforehand. Interesting stuff.

Justmehere March 31, 2012 at 7:51 pm

From Stacy above: “I had an unusual experience with Esther. My husband likes to sit in the very back row, so I walked up to Jerry and Esther (a long way up the aisle) BEFORE the seminar even started to just say Hello. I have attended only one.
This time, Esther was sitting down (busy counting all her registration forms) and was annoyed that I would walk up and interrupt with a kind and genuine “hi”. She snapped at me saying “can’t you see that I am busy?” I was caught off guard and said “no, actually I didn’t notice”.”

He he. I was looking for something from Abraham on critical people and happened upon this site; from here I went to this one:

Thanks for posting, Stacy, what turned out to be a REALLY GOOD example of what Abraham explained. Love you for providing that example which helped me understand.

By the way, even without Abraham’s explanation, I love your example: going up to someone, walking down a LONG aisle past what must have been hundreds of people patiently waiting, to a stranger getting ready for a presentation to those same people, who is not only busy but COUNTING (requiring unusual concentration so as not to get mixed up), and trying to engage that person is conversation is wonderful, and both her reaction and yours are priceless. Love it.

Michael April 29, 2012 at 6:01 pm

I have been listening to Abraham quite alot, and been pondering about the philosophy quite a lot. One needs to have a critical mindset when listening to her. Do not take everything as ” correct “, but extract the mindsets that feel good to you. Just like everything else in life, being involved in the teachings of Abraham will cause you to learn more about what you do want, and more of what you do not want. The teachings provide many great insights and mindsets that people can benefit from.

But the dangerous part of the teaching is this: do not make yourself dependent on the teachings!! Absolutely not!! Some people start questioning all their actions, and wonder if their actions would suit the teachings, then they stop being spontaneous, and unhappiness comes.

Your happiness will come when you are just being who you are, without questioning or doubting any of your actions. Your state of happiness will come when you say ” I don’t need any advice outside of me “, and when you are really happ, you wont seek for any advice outside of you. Usually people find the teachings because something does not go right in their lives. And losing connection with your inner guidance and with yourself is what brings unhappiness.

Michael April 29, 2012 at 6:03 pm

Once you fully trust your own self, and your own guidance, you won’t need any ” advice ” on how to live your life.

Michael April 29, 2012 at 6:08 pm

What I find being the biggest danger is that the teachings take people out of themselves. And that brings unhappiness, everytime.

Michael April 29, 2012 at 6:39 pm

I think the teachings of Abraham can be very benificial, or very detrimental ( loss of time, loss of money, loss of happiness ), all depending on the mindset behind it. Personally, I have been reading the teachings for a year and listening quite a lot, and it did not improve my life. On the contrary, feeling like I was dependent on them made me feel bad. I got some ” depression ” feeling. I feel like ultimately I will benefit from the teachings, but that will be when I let go of them.

Greg May 16, 2012 at 4:28 am

It’s incredible to see how much influence the negative posts have on here are, but Paul, I would encourage you to really spend some time with Abraham Hicks. There’s an age old quote which I’m sure you’ve heard, “For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don’t believe, no proof is possible.”

You were right in your first post, there is incredibly little negative feedback about Abraham. In fact the only negative anything I’ve ever seen about Abraham was from a blogger who happened to post one of the comments above. (Small world, I guess?) Another great comment suggested that the Youtube videos were rigged so that only good comments could be seen? That’s an impressive stretch of the imagination, especially since probably 95% of Abraham videos are posted by independent youtubers, and yes, they all receive fantastic comments and usually 99% likes.

Regarding your supposed “Quicken” breakthrough, Esther has said that she is always present and only reaching a higher level of consciousness when speaking as Abraham. Abraham is Esther at a higher level of consciousness, she receives blocks of thought and interprets them. Saying since it’s a hoax since Abraham knew of Quicken is like saying it’s a hoax because she speaks English.

At the end of the day, the things Abraham says just make sense. I have never heard her stumped by a question EVER, if somebody can find that video or info than please share it. There are plenty of phoney’s like Sylvia Browne (it’s hard to find a youtube video where she doesn’t make a fool of herself.) Abraham on the other hand is literally answering incredibly tough questions like it’s a walk in the park.

People easily believe in and throw money at the ridiculousness that is Catholicism (If you don’t pray and go to church you go to a burning pit for eternity with people like Hitler) Yet when they hear “All is well, just be happy”, they rush to the internet to call it a money grubbing scam. Pretty unbelievable.

Hell Yes September 26, 2012 at 5:04 pm

NUTS …Please use the life you have ….stop searching so hard…Do the right thing …make good choices and don’t think anyone else has better answers than you do.
these people that are following Abraham Hicks are already lost don’t follow someone who doesn’t know the way…b’ye the way it won’t be in a CD or a workshop!

he is real =) October 19, 2012 at 5:47 pm

well this is my story. My mom is a huge fan of Abraham hicks and his teaching she was always telling me about Abraham and in some point i tout oh good …my mom believes in everything, i didn’t believe in him, actually i was having my dots about it, but then … i really don’t know why i decide to practice the teachings, and things change for me in a beautiful way, now i know how to ask and what i ask for some way or some how it always comes to me, exactly what i ask for. Of course following Abraham teachings so then … i also become a fan of him and his teachings, for me, he is real. =)

Brian Detweiler May 11, 2013 at 6:44 am

Well now:) I must testify on behalf of Esther!!!- When I saw her(in person) bring in Abraham, I could clearly see a golden Aura expanding from her and others beside me have told me as well they saw it, and as far as the accent goes Ester is a BLENDED being as goes with her teachings so sometimes you can hear us-(whoops did I just slip and channel?) I mean “Abraham” Esther’s name for them; and somtimes Esther’s voice BLENDs in and out DIG IT?
As Law of attraction is concerned; so easy!!! example- when I was 25; about 20 years ago
I was experimenting w L of A (Been with Abe since 93?) by trying to manifest something uncommon- no not a bird or a red car- we visualized a UNICORN went boogie boarding for an hour and a half then came into the beach house and turned on the television( old TV set) the sound came on first; the title track to a film”The Last Unicorn was playing!!!! the video caught up as I stared at the emerging picture with my jaw dropped at my feet- was picture after picture of illustrations of UNICORNS!!! Coincidence? Or deliberate creation 🙂
Can you imagine what I create now?:) F the economy I’m economically free
p.s Don’t read papers or watch the news if it rains great the plants need it and if somebody dies they created it- I don’t think the world cares if I croak tomorrow or if I am concerned with current events becuase my life is the event and when it’s over it’s between me and God(Me)

Martin Jenkins July 22, 2013 at 4:56 pm

I have watched several of the Abraham-Hicks videos online and I have gotten mixed feelings about them. Clearly the idea of pushing forward the Law Of Attraction Theory forward is paramount. Whether channelling is happening or not is doubtful but I would look more closely at the information being shared and the way it is being given.
I have read how Hicks does not try to force her ideas on people like many religions do however on several occasions when there was someone on the hot seat asking questions and expressing doubts she has landed a barrage of words/sentences repeating and repeating incessantly pulverising any argument initiated by the person asking. This looks to me like someone forcing a hard sell on someone else. Besides it is our nature to be inquistive. Blind faith is for those who need to be guided by their noses as they are too feeble to question what is written in religious and other books yet if you do not allow yourself to be so gullible, practice some meditation and take a third party look at life you can form your own conclusions. These conclusions may go against established thought but they are yours and not what someone else told you.
I can understand much of the philosophy behind the teachings: focusing on nice things and not focusing on the negative things so that you attract the good. I believe there is some truth to this. But I draw the line when in one video clip (don’t remember which one) she states that animals are happy to be killed by us and they incarnate in this planet happy to do so. Well if that were the case why do all animals, ourselves included, try their best to follow probably the two most important aspects of our nature. One is to survive and the other is to avoid pain. Have you ever asked a chicken if it wants to be killed or kept in a cage for all its miserable life constantly being fattened, only to be slaughtered? If that chicken could answer what do you think it would say. So if Esther Hicks is a meat eater and has no qualms about the slaughter of innocent animals I would recommend she keep that to herself and instead teach compassion towards not only human beings but towards every living creature that roams this planet. This is true consciousness!

Amy May 24, 2015 at 11:50 pm

I know I have listened in amazement to many recordings and I am amazed that the information is convincing to say the least. I don’t get a creepy feeling like I would normally. I am skeptical, but it usually dims while listening, and I cannot find fault with anything said.

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