Is Abraham-Hicks For Real?

by Paul on March 25, 2008

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Several readers have emailed us at to sing the praises of Abraham-Hicks.

I really did not know a lot about Abraham-Hicks so I visited their web site, and their You Tube channel and read comments about them on various blogs.

In short Esther Hicks claims to possess the ability to channel a group of spirit entities who reveal great truths about the universe through Esther.

These spirit entities are called Abraham. 

Esther Hicks is able to Channel Abraham at will in front of a live audience.

This makes for some pretty good entertainment whether you believe in Abraham or not.

I was surprised to learn that Esther Hicks was featured in the original version of “The Secret” movie.

There is the original The Secret Movie and The Secret (Extended Edition)

Due to some contractual disagreements Esther Hicks was excluded from The Original Secret Film and a new one was released.

Esther Hicks and her husband Jerry Hicks have authored many audio tapes; CDs and books over the last twenty years to include:
Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires and
The Astonishing Power of Emotions

Recently I listened to the Esther Hicks audio recording of
The Law of Attraction CD Collection

The Law of Attraction audio recording is a recording of observations that Abraham has made regarding the topic of the Law of Attraction.

Having read over 100 Law of Attraction Prosperity type books myself I must admit that I am impressed by Abraham’s or Jerry and Esther’s knowledge of the topic.

The entities known as Abraham do express themselves well.

However, what really amazes me is that I did not read one negative comment regarding Abraham-Hicks anywhere.

Everyone and every thing gets criticized at one time or another yet Abraham-Hicks garner no negative comments or skepticism at all at lease as far as I can see.

Anyway, I dont know if Abraham-Hicks will help you discover the Law of Attaction or not but what if they do?

Please check out the video below to see Esther Hicks channeling the spirit entity known as Abraham to reveal to you The Law of Attraction.

After you check out the video please let us know what you think….Is Abraham Real?

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